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My name is Phil Murff owner and operator of True Craft Renovations. I was born and raised in the Northwest and currently live in Portland Oregon with my wife and four kids. I have two degrees from the University of Oregon, one in Fine Arts and the other in Product Design. For 6 years I built and renovated homes in Portland and the surrounding areas for Rupp Family Builders. In January 2019 I started True Craft Renovations. I've been a maker, artist, designer and builder for as far back as I can remember. I'm passionate, hard working, detail oriented, a good communicator and I aim to be a positive influence in every sphere of my life.


True Craft Renovations is located in Portland Oregon specializing in the design and renovation of kitchens and baths. The goal is to provide beautiful craftsmanship, clear and honest communication, attention to detail, and a product my customers can enjoy for years to come.  Although True Craft specializes in Kitchens and Bathroom remodels, it is not limited to that. I'm a general contractor and have experience in complete remodels, new custom homes and everything in between. If you have a project I'd love to sit down with you and see if True Craft Renovations is a good fit.

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